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Apart hotel MS Katunjanin
Novo mesto br.1 - 85347 Igalo
Herceg Novi - Montenegro


+382 67 102 502

Apart Hotel MS Katunjanin

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Frequently asked questions and answers


Apart hotel MS Katunjanin is open 365 days a year.

High-speed wireless internet is available in all rooms. You can do business activities via mobile devices, tablets and laptops just as efficiently as checking profiles on social networks.

Yes! Some rooms have equipment for small pets (up to 8 kg) which are required to be announced.

All accommodation units have separate entrances and are connected by an elevator to the garage, which makes them suitable for use by the elderly or persons with disabilities.

We make transfers from the airport:

  • Tivat Airport - Apart hotel MS Katunjanin
  • Airport Podgorica - Apart hotel MS Katunjanin
  • Cilipi Airport - Apart hotel MS Katunjanin