Herceg Novi: The Adriatic pearl – a guide to the biggest attractions

Herceg Novi, one of the most beautiful and famous cities on the Montenegrin coast is located at the entrance to the Boka Bay, where the Adriatic Sea meets the steep mountains. Founded in 1382 , the city has a rich and stormy history, shaped by various cultures and civilizations – from the Illyrians and Romans, through Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire, all the way to the Republic of Venice and Austria-Hungary. This diverse past is visible in its architecture, tradition and cultural heritage.

Today, Herceg Novi is known as the “city of the sun” because of its mild Mediterranean climate and over 200 sunny days a year. With its lush greenery, exotic plant species that adorn parks and promenades and crystal clear sea, the city is an ideal destination for all lovers of nature, culture and history. Its narrow stone streets, numerous fortresses and churches, as well as a rich offer of cultural events, make Herceg Novi a unique place that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Herceg Novi is also known for its healing springs and mud, which makes it a popular health-tourism center. Combined with the hospitality of the local population, this place provides a special feeling of welcome and warmth to every visitor. Regardless of whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation or cultural enrichment, Herceg Novi will offer you unforgettable experiences and memories. In the following, we will present to you in detail the main attractions that make our beautiful city so special and attractive for tourists:

Old Town

The old town of Herceg Novi, with its narrow stone streets and enchanting architecture, gives visitors a true sense of the past. There are numerous sights in the Old Town:

Clock tower (Sahat Kula): This tower, built in 1667 , dominates the cityscape and is one of the recognizable features of the city.

Kanli Kula: A medieval fortress that today serves as an open stage for cultural events. It offers a spectacular view of the city and the sea.

Forte Mare Fortress: Another historical fortress, built in the 14th century, which is perfectly preserved and open to visitors.


The central and liveliest point of Herceg Novi is an essential place for all visitors who want to feel the pulse of the city. This picturesque port offers a blend of rich maritime tradition, vibrant atmosphere and beautiful scenery, making it the perfect place to explore, relax and enjoy the city’s Mediterranean charm.

Savina Monastery

The Savina Monastery, located not far from the city center, dates back to 1030 and is one of the most important Orthodox monasteries in the region. The monastery complex includes three churches, the oldest of which dates back to the 11th century. The monastery has a rich collection of icons, books and other valuable artifacts.

Pet Danica Promenade

This 7 kilometers long promenade, stretches along the coast and connects Igalo with Meljine. It is perfect for relaxing walks, cycling or enjoying the beautiful sea views. There are numerous cafes, restaurants and beaches on the promenade, which makes it a favorite place for both tourists and locals.

Blue cave

The Blue Cave is a natural phenomenon located on the Luštica peninsula. This cave is famous for its turquoise blue water which creates a mesmerizing visual effect when the sunlight penetrates through the cave openings. Boat trips to the Blue Caves are a popular tourist attraction.

Park Boka

Located in the center of Herceg Novi this park is an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature. The park is full of exotic plants, which were brought from various parts of the world, thanks to the maritime tradition of the city.

Igalo and the Institute “Dr Simo Milosevic”

Known for its healing mud and mineral waters Igalo is home to the Institute “Dr. Only Milošević”. This institute is one of the most famous health and tourist centers in the region, specializing in rehabilitation and thalassotherapy.

Mirište and Žanjic

These two beautiful beaches, located on the Luštica peninsula, are perfect for day trips. Crystal clear water, beautiful landscapes and a peaceful environment make them ideal places for your vacation.

Herceg Novi Carnival

This event takes place every year in February and it attracts visitors from all over the world. The carnival is known for its colorful parades, masks and rich program of cultural events. This carnival is also known as the “Mimosa Festival”, because it is held in honor of the mimosa flower and symbolizes the arrival of spring. It lasts for several weeks and includes various cultural, entertainment and sports events.

Herceg Novi is a city that offers something for everyone, whether you are a lover of history, nature, culture or simply looking for a place to relax on beautiful beaches. With its unique charm and numerous attractions, our city will surely leave an unforgettable impression on you.

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